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3 Tips for Homemaking

Hello my beautiful people and welcome back to the blog. Wow it feels so good to say that. I've missed you guys so much and I'm seeing quite a few new faces. Today I want to talk about three homemaking tips that have helped me in my homemaking journey. Maybe they'll help you, maybe they won't but for whatever reason (lol probably because you saw the title) you clicked on this blog and I'm so happy you're here.

Alright that's enough for an intro let's dive in

# 1 - Treat homemaking like it's a job

....because it is one. I don't know about you but it can be very easy to get lazy/unproductive sitting around in my pj's trying to motivate myself to get up and do something. I mean sure the life of a homemaker is not that of someone working a 9-5 but it's a job nonetheless. Get ready in the mornings. It doesn't have to be a full-on suit but you'd be surprised how much putting on a nice t-shirt and a good pair of jeans can do. I personally like dresses, do what works for you. I also like the whole clock in and clock out situation that way I have enough time for myself at the end of the day. Time where I can have fun with my family or just dive deep into a book.

# 2- Dinner before daybreak

I believe I've shared this on my Insta stories before but for all my readers who aren't "following" me over on Insta, I cannot even begin to describe how much this has been beneficial to me. *Proceeds to describe* The season of life I'm in right now has been very busy. If you don't know already I'm a full-time student in my final days of High School and I love homemaking I really do but some days it just feels like there isn't enough time to even do something as simple as cooking dinner. Dinner before daybreak has changed the game for me. Yes you have to sacrifice losing an hour (or possibly two) of sleep but it's so worth it. What makes it all the more sweeter is thinking you have to come home and cook only to remember you already did earlier that morning. The relief y'all...I'm telling you 10/10 recommend if you're like me and have a busy schedule or maybe you don't and want to try it anyway, go for it! My morning usually starts around 5:30 am but If I'm planning to cook I'll get up around 4:30 sometimes earlier, Do what works for you and your family and let me know if it helps or not.

# 3 - Our homes are meant to be lived in

Read that again. I can tell you right now that if you think that the home you see on Instagram is always put together I promise you it's not...not if people are living in it. Do we want clean homes? Yes I'm sure we all do but are they always going to be clean? No, no they are not. I used to be obsessed with cleaning my home. I was always walking behind someone picking up something, putting something back, and getting frustrated at my siblings for whatever it is they decided to do that day but at some point I had to come to the realization that the only time my home will be spotless 24/7s is if no one is living in it. Find that balance. Yes we want clean homes but I know for me I don't want my home to be a museum. (Check this post out: ) Sometimes you can find beauty in the mess. The dirty dishes in the sink symbolizes that you ate a meal today, many people don't have that. The unfolded laundry symbolizes that you have options to choose from, again, many people don't have that. They also show that people live there and I'm so grateful I get to come home to my little family (my mom + siblings). So don't be too caught up to the point that you miss these little reminders.

Alright my lovelies, that's it for today's blog thank you for sticking it out with me today. I love each and every one of you but most importantly Jesus loves you.

Until next time sweet friends,


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