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Homemaking Tips Brought To You By...

Hello my beautiful people and welcome back to the blog. Wow two posts in one day but both short. I'm so happy you're here. I've decided to hand over this post to my Instagram friends. I posted on my stories on what's their best homemaking tip and they answered so without further a do, let's dive in shall we?

What's your best homemaking tip?

@itssofiwi said, "Be humble and adjust your expectations, it'll save you from a lot of disappointment!"

@anna_renee_treat said, "Planning ahead. Before doing a household duty, consider how it could contribute to something else."

@mama_schrader said,

"Cultivate a daily and weekly routine. tackling the house in one day can be daunting"

"Put your kitchen to bed each night. Turn on a podcast and get to work"

"Vinegar is an amazing fabric softener. Doesn't leave a smell either!"

"Baking soda + vinegar cleans almost everything! So versatile and much safer than bleach"

" Sprinkle baking soda or natural baby powder on your mattress. Let it sink in for 30 min then vacuum"

Anonymous answers -

" Get dressed everyday and treat homemaking like full time job so it won't be so hard to slug around easily"

"Create a binder for you tasks"

"Prioritize your family over cleaning. It can be hard for some people"

"Do a load of laundry everyday"

"It's good to know your dinner menu for the week so you can plan ahead"

Well that's it my lovelies. There was so much to take away. I have my eyes the vinegar as a fabric softener. Thank you for sticking it out with me today I love each and every one of you but most importantly, Jesus loves you.

Until next time

Ruth <3

Bible Verse:

Proverbs 14: 1 - Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

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Instagram - @livelifewithruth


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