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How Do I Respect My Future Hubby Even When Single?

Good day everyone! Hello my beautiful people and welcome back to another blog post. Hope all is well with you guys. Today let's just pray for our future marriage or maybe you're married right now and still reading...pray for your marriage. Pray that God will be in complete control. Pray that He will be in and always remain in the center of your marriage. Pray for your spouses. Today I'm grateful for my health, technology, and my Pastor.

So, I know you probably read the title and was like "Is this even a thing?" Well to others it may not be but to me it is but before I move forward just want to give a little disclaimer. This is not supposed to bash you or make you feel like less of a person for not following these things. Everyone is different. Everyone sees thing differently. Please don't read this and take anything I say as a offense. This is just my opinion and only my opinion. This is how I do things over here. By all means feel free to take (or leave) anything you read in this post.

Alright you guys let's dive in. (This is not everything)

# 1- Learning how to submit

Now if I'm being honest. This is not something I struggle with. Submission comes fairly easy to me but I understand that for most of my girilies out there it's a huge problem. So how do we practice submitting? First of all we have to understand a few things. Our husbands are the head of us. We as the wives are the help-meet. Submission to our husbands is biblical. Ruth you're not answering my question, how do I practice submitting? Well thanks for asking. One way I practice is following my parent (s) wishes. My mother is (unfortunately) the head of my family and I trust her..she's my mom. She wants the best for me so what she says goes. Even if I don't agree I still obey what she may require of me. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE HER ASKING/ TELLING ME TO SIN. I may tell her how I view a certain situation but I'm not going to argue with her even if I think she's wrong. Sometimes she's right, sometime's she's wrong. I have to let her fail and trust that if she does fail she will get us out of whatever the situation may be and she does. Being the wonderful mama she is, if she fails, she comes back and apologies. She respects me as I do her. Another way I practice submission is by listening to her...or any family member in fact. This time I'm going to use my brother. My brother loves talking about his school day and how annoying or exciting his classes are. Not only do I sit and give him my undivided attention, I make sure to ask him questions to show him that I'm interested in what he has to say.

# 2 - Praying not just for him, but for myself

I believe praying for hubby is important just as much as praying for yourself when it comes to your marriage. We can't pray about what we want in a husband and we're sitting over here maybe with an ugly attitude or a lazy spirit. It doesn't work like that. You can pray that you'll be slow to anger or that you won't take advantage of him or take him for granted. Pray that you will keep God first above all things. Pray that your husband will be the second most important thing in your life after your love for God.

# 3 - Movies are great but they shouldn't be placing expectations on your husband

Ahhh yes, the movies that make it seem so easy. But that's why they're called movies. Now let's step back into reality. Our husbands are not perfect. The only thing that is perfect is God and our husbands aren't gods so let's just perish that thought. Don't get me wrong I'm all for respect, love, and honor but hubby should not be taking the place of God. If he is, that's a major problem. God doesn't do competition. God is a jealous God. Just saying.... We as wives should expect him to fail at certain things just like how we will fail. Not every time he's going to learn something the first time around so also perish that thought. The biggest one of all, HE IS NOT A MIND READER (sorry Disney fans) . Only God can tell what's going on so we will need to communicate.

# 4 - What I wear matters

Modesty doesn't start when my status changes to taken. It starts with me, God being the reasoning behind it. My body is not my own it belongs to God and it is a temple therefore I should treat it like one. I honor God yes but I also respect hubby. I believe that there are only things Hubby should see. That's it, no one else needs to be seeing certain areas of my body. If we are wearing things just to have pairs of eyes following us everywhere we go...that ain't it. DON'T GET ME WRONG. Don't go out there tripping over your skirt a million times because you think this is what you should do. That's not what I said. If we are wearing things just so men could look at us lustfully, no, just no. There's a bible verse that says something like "Whether we eat or drink, whatever we do, do it all for the glory of God" Keyword: Whatever we do. So let's apply that to our closets too. Something that helps me to be mindful of what I wear is applying my outfits to church. Meaning that if I wouldn't wear it to a church function or church itself...I'm not wearing it at all.

# 5 - My inward appearance matter too

I high-key feel like someone is going to mention the fact that I brought up outward appearance but not inwards appearance so just for you, here it is. The world may see what you do on the outside but let's not forget God is omniscient. He sees everything. What does that have to do with respecting my husband? Well, if I'm being honest... I'm still trying to figure out this area myself. I see it as this...keeping myself accountable. What are the possibilities of my hubby knowing what's going on in my heart? Through my actions? maybe? But some of us are good actors so that's where integrity comes in. If I know I'm not suppose to be thinking a certain way then I need to fix it.

# 6 - Gossiping is not allowed over here

If I don't hate anything else when it comes to the topic of marriage, I hate when spouses badmouth each other. I never understand the idea of that. You guys are one, and if you too are one, isn't making him look bad going to make you look bad too? I don't know that's just how I see it. It all starts with gossiping. Don't make gossiping a habit. It will grow on you and will find yourself doing it in a heart beat. It's really not that hard to do which makes it even more dangerous. My mom always says just like how we keep our hands to yourselves, also keep your thoughts to yourselves if it's supposed to tear someone down. If you wouldn't say something about someone to their face, what makes you think it's okay saying it behind their back? Think about it...

That's it my lovelies. I hope that wasn't very long of a read and that you got something out of reading this. Thank you for sticking it out with me today. I love each and every one of you but most importantly, Jesus loves you. Until next time, toodles.

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