It Doesn't Matter What Sin Is Committed. They All Have The Same Penalty, Death.

Hello, my beauties and beaus. Welcome back to the blog, I'm so happy you're here. Today we're going to call myself out and talk about something that you may or may not do more often than you think. I'm just gonna fess up right now and say, I've done this more than I'd like to admit and that is weighing sin.

I've gotten into a bad habit of comparing my sins to others.

“At least I haven't killed anyone”

“I'm still a virgin”

I guess I could say it's in human nature to weigh sin. Lying is better than stealing or lustful thoughts are better than physically cheating.

But at the end of the day, it all comes down to sin. Sin is sin and sin equals death.

I hesitate to say what's even scarier is being deceived by my heart into thinking I may have not done anything when truly I have. I may not have killed anyone with my hands but my heart stirreth up hate for that person. I'm still a virgin, yes, but I allow my mind to go places it has no business going.

Thank God for His Son. Thank You Lord for the ability to repent and that when I truly confess my sins and repent that You no longer hold my sins against me.

Thank You Jesus

That's it for today. Short and straight to the point, just how I like it. Thank you for sticking it out with me today.

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As always, may Christ be glorified.

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