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It's the month of love. This blog is for all my singles.

Hello my beautiful people and welcome back to the blog. I'm so happy you're here! Today is going to be a little bit different. There's not much else to say but to hop in.

The month of love...

I wanted to start with a disclaimer that the only person I'm "bashing" is myself. The best example I can use is me. I'm not here to bring shame or condemn anyone. Just using my story.

Oh dear...

February is the month where I self-pity myself the most. We all know of that one day. Now of course don't get me wrong, we don't limit showing love to others to one month or even one day but the month of February is where you see the extra love notes, the Instagram posts dedicated to their significant others, the stories of the gifts they received (they being the ladies ).

I know the drill. I see people posting online then I get 'sad'. This is also the time of year where I play pop music the most (country music girl here #sorrynotsorry). We all know how pop gets with the sad songs and setting the mood. Then I distance myself from everyone and play the pity me pity my oh my gosh no lover blah blah

Every happens every year.

The truth...

Self pity gets me no where. All it does is show me the obvious, that I'm still single. Do I love being single? Absolutely! There are so many benefits being in this season but I'm not going to sit here and lie that I it's an easy season to be in. I have a desire, a God-given desire to get married and have babies/raise children. I've been dealing with that desire since I was six. Yes six! "Ruth what do you want to be?" A wife and a mommy and over time, it turned into " a godly wife and mommy". I would tell my mom all the time that if I'm not married by 19 then call the police. Now that I'm 18 it sort of feels like a slap in the face.

Anyways getting back to the truth. Self pity gets me no where. It does nothing but show me the obvious, I'm still single. It also does nothing but create an excuse to sit and slump like my life is over but it's not.

Okay so maybe you don't have a significant other to love up on or whatever. Yeah it sucks but its okay because you wanna know what? We have been given the greatest love of all.

This was coming...

Jesus! So maybe He can't give flowers but He gave His life. Tell me which love is greater than that? There isn't! And you know what else? He cares. So talk to Him. Don't even try to cover up what you're feeling. You cannot manipulate God and you cannot lie to Him. He already knows so you might as well do yourself the favor and just come clean....respectfully though because He is God.

"Jesus I'm not going to lie, I'm sad because I didn't think I was gonna be here again..."

"Lord why do You do this to me...."

"Father I'm feeling a little bit more lonely than before..."

He cares about you friend, after all, you're His child. So talk to Him...cry if you need to...fill your mind with God's word instead of the mood changing music.


Go out! Do something. Invite a friend over and have a galentine or a brointine or whatever it is. Don't isolate yourself. Isolation is a tool the devil uses to create further destruction especially when we're already down. Go get some ice cream or go for a walk when the day comes.

Don't let yourself or the enemy rob you of your day. Don't allow self-pity to set the mood of your day or even worse ruin it.

My prayer for all of you and selfishly me too is that one day we'll have a godly relationship but until then, life keeps going, even after the ring is on our fingers life goes on. Life does not start or stop when we're married so keep living life but more importantly, live for Christ.

That's it you guys. I got really teary eyed writing this. Thank you for sticking it out with me today. I love each and very one of you but most importantly, Jesus loves you. My dms are always open...always. Until next time sweet friends,

Ruth <3

Bible verse:

1 Peter 5:7 - Cast all your cares upon Him for He careth for you.



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