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My Favourite YouTubers

Hello my beautiful people and welcome back to another blog post. How are ya? Today is a wonderful day to be grateful. I'm grateful for leaders, prayers, and music. What are three things you're grateful for? Today is something a little bit different. I was gonna do a q&a this week but I'm gonna push it back to next week and today we are gonna be looking at my favorite YouTubers to watch. I'm gonna try and categorize them as much as I can so you don't have to do the work and well...yeah. Let's dive in, shall we?


# 1 - Allison Bickerstaff

I love Allison. I put her under lifestyle because she does a lot of 'Days in the Life', once in a while she does 'Cook With Me's' but overall she posts content about things just happening in her life and one of the best things about subscribing to her is that she posts often so on days I want to be productive it's just either put on an old vlog or I leave the video that she posts during the week for days like that.

# 2 - Kristin Johns

Don't get me started on this lovely lady. She is so sweet. So nice. I love her content and always look forward to her 'Kristin's Kitchen' videos.

# 3 - Milena Ciciotti

Oh my goodness. I always and I do mean always look forward to her videos. Her vlogs are something that I watch over and over again. She's a Christian vlogger...literally, everyone I mention in this post is a Christian. But she talks about what I feel a lot of us are scared to talk about and don't get me wrong everyone is different but I just love and have an appreciation for how bold she is.


So if you don't already know I want to be a homemaker. I guess you could say that's my career choice and I love it. It's something that I'm very passionate about and something I incorporate in my life even though I am single. This I guess content is my favorite to watch and I always try to take notes.

# 1 - Inspired By Nikki

I just...her channel is amazing. She shows her cleaning routines...routines in general. She gives advice. I love how she sees scripture. I adore how she just shows motherhood (if that makes sense). So for anyone who is a future homemaker or just like putting on clean with me videos while cleaning check her out.

# 2 - Mrs. Midwest (Caitlin)

She is so sweet and so loving. I love her and watch her when seeking advice on feminity (I'm feminine, not feminist). She's a very lovely person and I like to take a lot of notes when watching her video too.

# 3 - Emily

She is just so sweet. Her contents are more 'Days in the lives' but for homemakers or people that aspire to be homemakers and I love watching her and how she's around with her baby boy. She really is precious.


# 1 - Tori and Chat Masters

I put them in the random category because they really give off that vibe. I don't think they strictly post specific content but they are consistent with I guess the theme (that's not the word but I'm going with it.) which is Christianity/faith videos. I really love this couple and Chad is a whole mood sometimes but it's nice to just sit back and watch their content.


# 1 - Melody Joy Cloud

Let's just take a moment to just look at how beautiful that name is. She is so precious. I decided to create a singing category because most of her content is song covers. Her voice is so beautiful.

Welp that's it folks. Thanks for sticking with me to the end. If you do decide to check these people out I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Until next week, I love each and every single one of you but more importantly, God loves you. Have a great weekend!

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