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So This Happened To You

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog. I'm so happy you're here.

Today is gonna be another freestyle blog where I talk about something that I guess you can say has been bothering me.

I'm pretty sure quite a few of you know at least the bare info of my story when it comes to my testimony. If you don't, Hi my name is Ruth (the short version) and I grew up in an abusive home. From a very young age, I've always wanted to be married and have my own family blah blah

Now out of respect for my parents, I'm not going to put their business out there but our situation regarding the abuse was both verbal and physical.

It was at that young age that realized how important the home is and family but most importantly the importance of keeping Christ in the center of EVERYTHING and being equally yoked, etc...

It was also at that age where I knew I was going to be different...I have to be. My situation made me want a family even more. It opened up my eyes to a lot of things like the importance of complete forgiveness and what things like pride can do. It gave me a "close-up glance" at what I wanted from my future partner and the things that I need to work on when it comes to myself.

It made me realize that I had to change and that my story (by God's grace) had to be different. All throughout my family tree as I looked at my mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, etc...they all dealt with abuse. I had to be different. I couldn't live like this. I couldn't experience it and then go into another abusive situation with my marriage. I just couldn't.

Which leads me to my problem...or should I say THE problem. Too many times I've seen people in situations like myself or worse that sort of "goes with it". Meaning, for example, their dad was abusive and so was their granddad, and now since abuse is all they've ever known, they're abusive to their family and as each generation passes by you see abuse upon abuse and normally the responses are something like "Well my dad was that way" or "that's all I've ever known" (again this is just an example). My heart shatters when I hear or see something like this because all that runs in my mind after that is, don't you want it to be different? Don't you want to break the cycle? Aren't you tired of this happening to you and your family? Don't you wanna make a change?

I chose to make that change. I want to be better and have better than what my parents and almost all my other family members had. That being in the abusive situation (when it comes to the whole generational thing) would end with me and if you're reading this and have had your own troubles I hope you've decided to want to make that change too.

You don't have to sit and "accept" whatever it is that you're going through and in a way "take it with you" (if that makes sense) into your relationships/going forward. The journey is incredibly hard and can be a lengthy process but with Jesus, you can do it. You can, with Christ's help, break that cycle.

Again, it's not easy. Not for me anyway but it is possible.

So I guess that's what I wanted to say and this is where I will leave things without going into too many details or making this blog confusing.

Now of course I'm not trying to downplay all the hurt, anger, disappointment, etc...that can come from situations like these however big or small they are. I'm just saying that this doesn't have to be you going forward.

Thank you guys for sticking it out with me today. I hope this wasn't too much of a read. Until next time, bye guys.

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