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Is Homemaking An Idol?

I love homemaking. If you “follow” me on Instagram you fascia have an idea of that.

Today I wanna talk about something that's been bothering me a little bit I've talked about it before but I archived that post and I'm bringing it to the blog. It's more of a question but is homemaking an idol in your life?

Firstly, I just wanna say that there is nothing wrong with sharing certain things on social media and by that I mean like beautiful pictures of your home or more specifically your kitchen, etc...

I'm sure when you scroll through social media you see people baking things with the cute bowls and fresh bouquets of flowers. Maybe you see photos with the perfect lighting or colors and you think “wow”. I get it haha technically speaking as a “content creator “ I admit there is some “pressure” to curate our feed that uniquely shows who we are so I get it.

But friends, do you idolize homemaking? Do you care for the aesthetic look more than the job itself?

I'll be the first to admit, I did.

Just like Biblical Womanhood/femininity, homemaking is not an aesthetic.

I love dresses haha I cannot stand jeans for some reason so you'll see me in dresses/skirts almost all the time but it's not just about the dresses. Do you desire the long dresses more than you desire to actually care for your home? Do you fancy the cute mixing bowls, white cabinets, and hanging shelves more than you care to actually serve your family?

Again, don't get me wrong, there's nothing bad about liking these things. I actually think it's beautiful seeing other homemakers and how they beautify their homes but friends that's merely 1/10th of what homemaking really is.

If I could compare it to something or give an analogy it's like Bible Study. Just like anything else Bible Study too can become an idol because people can fall in love with the idea of having cute calligraphy art in their Bibles more than they like studying the Word of God. In fact, some people only do Bible Studies for the calligraphy art they can post later and not because they actually want to know about Jesus.

The same thing can be applied to homemaking. Dear sweet friends, I say this and I say this as someone who loves you, don't idolize homemaking. And if you're reading this and deep down you know that you have made homemaking an idol you can repent it is not my intention to shame you and in no way am I condemning you. Repent, ask the Lord for forgiveness, and maybe try taking a break from whatever it is for a while. Maybe that's taking a break from thrifting or whatever it is. Try practicing self-control and being content with what you have now instead of envying or coveting what other people have (which is what I did #guilty ). Most importantly, and this may seem dumb, but ask the Lord to help you. We cannot do things in our own strength especially when it comes to our flesh. Run to Jesus. He's got you friend.

One of the things I like about David in the Bible is that he was described as a man after God's heart. If you look at his track record you may probably wonder “how?”. But you see the thing about David is that though he fell many times he always got up. He always confessed his sins and asked for forgiveness and we can too.

Until next time sweet friends,


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Seriously this time, until next time,



Feb 23, 2023

I love this read so much! It’s very reflective on what I’m our lives do we make idols. It makes me want to think at all the areas I operate in and to really look at what may be an idol in my life.

Feb 24, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for reading and yes this is so true. I'm currently on a “nail polish fast” because that's very easily idolized for me 😖

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