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The Heartbeat Of My Home

I think we all can say that the heart is one of the most; if not the most important organ in the body.

The body cannot function without the heart but hardly anyone acknowledges the role of the heartbeat.

We know about the heart yes, but how the heartbeatoperates is a totally different thing.

Without a good and stable heartbeat/ heart rate, the heart cannot circulate the proper oxygen and blood to the rest of the body leaving the entire body in a vulnerable position.

That's how I view my homemaking journey, that's how I view my life. My home is the body, I am the heart, and Jesus is my heartbeat. I need Jesus every minute of every day to properly carry out my duties as a homemaker. Without Him, I cannot function as best as I am able to.


I wrote this in my journal maybe a year ago. For some of you this may be your first time seeing this and for some maybe you saw this already but I wanted this to have a permanent spot on the blog because it's so true.

That's all I have for today friends.

Until next time,


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