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Let’s Talk About All Things Dresses.

Hello friends and welcome back to the blog. I’m so happy you’re here and today we are going to be talking about all things dresses. I’m not even gonna make this one a long introduction so without further ado let’s hop in.

“Where do you get your dresses?” Is probably in the top 3 most asked questions I get and in this blog I’m spilling all the details.

Where do I shop?

So I like to shop small. For the past two years I’ve been wanting to slow down including in my closet and fast fashion isn’t for me. I’m all about wearing the things you love and not what’s trending right now because while trending might be cheaper you may not know it immediately but you end up spending way more than if you were to shop “slow”. Trends come and go every year there’s something that’s new in style and we may feel the urge to spend spend spend especially if it has a cheap price tag but for me, I’ve found that shopping small and slow is more beneficial. It has taken me years to built the wardrobe that I have now so here are a few stores I shop often.

Neuflora ~ Not only do I find that some of their clothing is good material but their monthly collections are meant to match with their past collections meaning that each piece is designed and carefully chosen to go with each other.

Little Cottonwood ~ This company quickly grew on me. I love how hands on these ladies are with their products and the thought that goes into making each item. Haha they have become my favorite. I just love them so much.

Livy and Kate clothing ~ So this company is more on the trendier side but it’s where I get a good handful of my winter dresses since they have thick layers underneath.

Shop Dahl ~ I just found this beauty. She is small and sells some Neuflora products for way cheaper and a few extra lovely items as well.

Simply Grey life ~ Can be found on Etsy. They make all my grandma dreams come true. I mean they make stunning dresses 😆

Batessistersboutique ~ Also on the trendier side. I’ve got to be honest; the only reason why I shop there is because I love the Bates family in general. This company is more of a last resort option.

Amazon ~ I’m not completely slow fashion yet because haha one income family here but in case of emergencies Amazon is my best friend.

Other places that have good options but I hardly shop at: Marshall’s, thrift stores, and Ross. For those who struggle to find modest dresses on a budget shopping at Ross in the spring time is for you. They have amazing options.

What do I look for before I buy?

# 1 - Quality.

I use to scoff when people told me quality over quantity until I realized what they said was true. I’m not gonna lie I’m on the crunchy side when it comes to clothing. I mainly look for cotton more than anything bonus points if it’s cotton gauze. Since I wear dresses almost every day and I work in them I need material that can handle the pressure (if you know what I mean) and cotton is my best friend. I also look for Rayon, Linen, and other cotton blends. I try to stay far away from polyester not only because I get hotter easily but it’s just not good for our skin. (Speaking of cotton gauze Walmart has some good options of dresses that is this material that is $28 and under most of them being $20) I know I said I like to shop slow but my thing is; do the best that you can with what you have. I shop at Walmart for groceries so hey if you need to go there for clothes there is not judgement on my part.

# 2 ~ My style.

I know I said this already and I want y’all to apply this to me too. Buy what YOU like not what me or your favorite influencer like. You will reach for it more often and the more you reach for your clothes the better instead of it just sitting in your closet.

# 3 - Maternity friendly.

99% of my dresses are bump friendly. 50% of the 99% is maternity friendly. My style hardly changes so when I shop I also look if it’s maternity friendly that way I’m saving even more money since when that time rolls around I don’t have to get an entire new closet.

# 4 ~ Community. That’s another reason I shop small. I just love the community and love the ladies pour into their products. It makes wearing the dresses all the sweeter.

This was a bit rushed but I wanted to get this up and out since some sites have a Mother’s Day sale going on. You guys I mean this with all my heart I love sharing what I’m wearing but please do not feel pressured to buy anything. I get what it’s like living on one income and being frugal. It takes me months to save up and missing out on other things to get some of these so I get it.

Slow down. Think about what you really like. Why do you like it? Will you wear it more than once? What about more than five times? Is it worth the investment?

Those are a few things to think about before you purchase. You don’t have to throw everything out at once and start over. Go through your closet and slowly switch things out. Eventually, you’ll have a closet you’ll love.

Whew okay guys. Thanks for sticking it out with me today. One last thing before I go: The Neuflora link I shared is my affiliate link. I want to be completely honest. While I don't do sponsorships I do have affiliates with a small number of companies. I will never share things that I don’t love. If you decide to shop there I get a small percentage of it and I just want to say thank you. Their May collection is coming out on the 17th and I’m so excited I will share more in my stories as the day gets closer.

Remember don’t feel pressured.

Until next time sweet friends!



Ps: sorry for the typos


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